The magic of the internet…

Wow!, i think the internet is such a great thing. Well I already kind of knew that but anyway, it has some cool things about it!

Firstly, in my last post I mentioned about buying a hard disk for my iPod which had unexpectedly passed away, and I said something about getting one from a Samsung mp3 player. Well I just happened to do a search (on Google of course) for a dissassembly guide for one of them io take apart, and strangely enough out of some really wierd and bizarre coincidence, the first result for it was my blog saying about how one of these would work in an iPod. This is a bit wierd to mention it, but thats pretty surprising isn’t it none-the-less!

The other thing about the internet which is so great is all of the TV shows that are available on it! Currently I’m pretty big into Skins ( and ER. Coincidentally they are both on one after another on E4 on a Thursday nite. Well what happens if I’m busy on a Thursday night for a bizarrely unfortunate reason. Then I can just get copies of both of them straight from the net! It happens to be pretty darn quick for ER as it is a few episodes ahead in the States, but for Skins I have to wait a few hours till its put up, and then another couple for it to download. Which really isn’t bad at all. Its quite a lot like Sky + except you dont have to remember to record things. Kinda like TV on demand that you have to wait a bit for. Works well and I’m happy 😀

Apart form these wondrous happenings, I now have this nice Chemistry investigation to do Investigating the Rate of raeation and reaction kinetcs between Potassium Iodide and Potassium Persulphate. Its a pretty long investigation and its REALLY not helped by the lack of chemical data on the internet! Where can I find the Standard Molar Enthalpy Change of Formation Of Potassium Peroxodisulphate? Its actually nowhere! Crazynesssssss huh?

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