I’ve been using Flock for about a month now and I’ve come to realise a few things about it. I shall sum it up in some basic points…

Good things:

    Its fast at loading pages
    Its fast at opening
    It looks rather elegant – different from Safari, but the social bookmarking features are useful (not that I make great use of the social aspect of them!)
    It works with pretty much every page I’ve tried it with
    The searching of the text on recent pages with the searchbar at the top of the browser window is incredibly useful

Bad Things:

    Test boxes are a pain, sometimes the cursor does not want to appear, sometimes it appears more than once. Other times, it is impossible to highlight words.
    The search bar is a bother when trying to highlight more than one word at once by double/triple clicking. When highlighting, it rarely works either!
    The lack of in browser pdf viewing is tiresome. There’s probably a plugin but that requires effort to find it.
    The only plugin I’ve tried (to restore tabs) kept becoming unresponsive with Flock giving me a bloody warning every once in a while.
    Tabs, let alone pages do not restore after quitting (They do in FF2!)
    The download window doesn’t remember what you Apps you chose to open certain file types, .torrents in particular!
    The blog writing bit formats your text wierdly, making it a slightly different style and size to the WordPress default.
    The browser window occasionally wants to place itself in front of everything else… even the dock and menubar. This can only be sorted thru quitting and reopening the app. This seems to have been sorted with the most recent update

Other than these small minor things, which I will hopefully update if I find any more quibbles/problems/glitches, I think Flock is great.

The only thing preventing me using it more is that Safari 3 Beta has just be released. 😀

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  1. Glad to hear that you’re enjoying Flock!

    Regarding your concerns, I believe most to all of these are fixed in Flock 0.9, due out in about 5 weeks (I know for sure that the Restore Session ability is in). I hope you’ll give us a look then and post another blog about what you think of it!

    Flock on,

    Evan Hamilton
    Flock Community Ambassador
    evan at flock dot com

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