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A while back I started a set of articles named browser wars where I endeavoured to explain the pros and cons of most browsers currently available. I really should be posting some form of update, but in the meantime, I’d thought I’d mention Flock…

I tried Flock quite a while ago when it was first released and primarily marketed as the ‘Social Browser’. Back then it was still in its beta stages and fairly buggy and I seem to remember that it didn’t really have anything notable about it over Firefox or any of the other browsers for that matter, probably the reason why I stopped using it.

Recently I’ve been getting a bit tired with Safari. As i probably mentioned before, its great in every way possible execpt its responsiveness with the general running of the application, in the fact that it shows the beachball fairly often and then as a result needs to be Force Quit or Crashes! This may be due to the extensions that I have undoubtably installed, but then again, I wouldn’t use Safari to such a great extent without some of those extensions… bit of a vicious circle it seems!

But nonetheless I think Flock has definitely improved to such an extent that it is now usable. This usability also extends to some of its more social features too, such as its in-program Flickr/Photobucket uploading and its posting to various blogs… even this WordPress powered one (something which I wasn’t able to do before), and its importing of Safari preferences… It even looks nice!

Few problems (i.e. major differences from Safari) are that there are no folders available in the bookmark toolbar thing, the whole RSS reader thing is fairly different and I have yet to find a way to quick search in the address bar by typing in something along the lines of “eb jeans” to search eBay for jeans.

Still I recommend that you at least give it a go as it is free and built upon the (fabulous?) Firefox engine (which is all too apparent may I add, with its Java-isms on the mouse cursor…). Find it at Flock.com.

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  1. Thanks for the nice writeup on Flock! FYI, folders will be available for bookmarks in the next version of Flock (and there will be a lot of other cool things).

    Flock on!

    Evan Hamilton
    Flock Community Ambassador
    evan at flock dot com

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