Apropos Engadget among others…

Apropos Engadget’s story on a new iPod dock entitled “Jibe Audio’s Sound Machine iPhone dock — designed by Apple alumni.”

The article states that this company’s new iPod dock is, and I quote,

Designed in part by Robert Brunner who led Apple’s design team from 1989-1996, an era which birthed the Newton and the first Powerbooks.

Whilst this is true (I’m not contesting this fact), I don’t see the need to boast that this is by the same Apple alumni from ’89 to ’96 as this wasn’t particularly the best era of Apple products. Think Performas, think Quadras, think unreliability, think no Steve Jobs and most importantly think different from what Apple is now… Why boast this? Seriously, I wouldn’t buy one of these having known it was from the same design team that let the Performas be produced. What a bummer for that company… Then again, maybe they’re proud of the Performas that they made and after all (according to the article) they did make the first Powerbooks, so they can’t be that bad can they?

Other exciting things that I have found all around include a glaring grammar mistake in Leopard! I mean a huge one! I’m not on my iMac at the moment, so I can’t grab a screenshot right now, but it involves this grammatically incorrect sentence:

‘None of your preferred wireless networks are (sic) available.’


In other news, I have some freakin’ sweet concert tickets for next year already lined up (at some cost). These would include The Mars Volta, Radiohead and Neil Young and Crazy Horse!

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