A dynamic front page?

Currently my website/blog has what you call a dynamic front page in that it updates itself whenever I post a new thing to my blog. Originally this was a good thing as it looked nice functioned well etc. For some reason now it decides that it has to look bad and not really work as well as you’d hope! The slightly different theme worked well at first with the amazing changing colour chat and cool buttons until I realised it didn’t render all that well in Firebox based browsers… and that there were huge boxes around the buttons, how bizarre?

I have not as a result changed the front page yet, as I am still perfecting a design which displays the information that I want and still look nice and join in with the theme I’ve currently adopted. I know the theme isn’t currently mine, but it looks so amazing so is totally worth keeping until i a) modify it b) make my own or c) make my old one look less crap. All in all though I just want a fairly simple design that I can look at and think that looks good and know that it works…

Maybe I’ll draw up a plan in OmniOutliner later and see, but for now I can’t be bothered.

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