Yay, finally… wow!

Photoshop CS3 IconWell seeing as the Photoshop CS3 beta is upon us, I thought that I should try it out as I’m a happy Intel Mac user who has been slightly without Photoshop (or a fast Photoshop at least for ages). After downloading it and doing the various registration steps, I started it up. First things first, damn its fast. It loads in basically no time at all. It has barely any dialog boxes saying loading or please wait and it has a very nice new simple icon. Tbh, I quite like the new icon, so I’m not going to complain at all. At least it means that there is a new version to mess around with at speed and have fun over the holidays, which have just commenced!

On an other note, there is a very groovy video comparing Vista to Mac OS X on the NYT site which points out once and for all that that are 100% completely different OSes.


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