WWDC things

In case you weren’t fullly aware, there was and still is a WWDC going on over in San Francisco, and as a result of a keynote there by Steve Jobs, some more Apple products have been released and more features of Leopard have been shown. The Mac Pro, a quad core Xeon workstation has been released with millions of different combinations to suit all. If you really want to know more, take a trip over to www.apple.com and watch the keynote.

More Leopard things (I say more, I didn’t think I knew any before) were also announced including the amazing Time Machine program, won’t that take 1000s of Gbs of HD space tho? The dude over at Bartelme.at did a nice roundup of the nwe leopard features, have a look here.

Other things were announced such as Dashcode, but that had been going around for months now so it wasn’t really too much of a surprise.

The crazy thing was though that there was no ‘And one more thing…’ and there was hardly very much info about the iPod line… Maybe there is going to be a new installment in the Pre-Christmas season…

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