The expected and new

Well some of the news of the Apple Showtime event was fairly expected, especially so given the event’s name… Its probably a good thing that there are now movies on the iTunes store, except that there are none in Britain as of yet. I’ll probably still stick to DVDs though, seeing as you actually get the physical product and its probably going to end up cheaper with the horrible inflation we get on this side of the Pond. Its pretty much the same tactic I adopted with the Music on iTunes…

iTunes is nice, all except the icon. Damn, it looks so horrible, why blue? why? They even had to infect FrontRow with it too… I remember looking at that CoverFlow technology that Apple now uses a few months ago and thought that it looked good, but now it will be considerably more useful as part of iTunes. At least Apple actually bought the company as opposed to directly competing… ehh hemm Dashboard cough…. Konfabulator cough cough….

Anyway, a pity not to see a proper video iPod, I suppose I’ll have to wait a bit longer to get a new one. I’ll have a new battery in my 4th Gen at least as its now getting repaired by Apple for free….

iTV or whatever it will be called will be pretty great I think, too bad I already created a better media centre myself, albeit a tad bigger. Its odd how Steve didn’t refer at all to Airport Express or Front Row as he explained it…

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