Well recently, although you may have heard me say this many a time, I have had a lot of work, I’ve recently been doing some Maths coursework, for the Differential Equations unit (fun stuff eh?) and for the coursework, I’ve had to work out differential equations representing the flow of water from one container to another and so on… But seeing as I was fairly bored and wanted to make my coursework very suave in one way or another, I thought that I should create a model of the equipment, for the diagram in 3D, and ‘build it’ on Google Sketchup. Well I’ve been at it for an hour or so and I have a fairly groovy looking diagram that should hopefully beat some pathetic Microsoft Word clipart attempts at a diagram, so, have a good gander at this:

Cascades Diagram Edges

Looks real eh?

There are other versions too where the edges are different, but I thought that the combination that I had looked fairly good. I’ve probably recommended it before, but, Google Sketchup is an excellent FREE program for drawing and 3D stuff!


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