Mistake… damn I’m stupid!

Forgive me for saying that the Macworld Keynote address was in two days, because actually when i wrote that, it was in 3 days time. So now I’m incredibly gutted that it is not today that all of Apple’s cool new products will be released upon the world. I even had my hopes up and all…

I spose I’ll just have to wait until tomorrow…

Meanwhile, Adobe, tired of being left behind in Apple’s trail of photographic program dust (I’m speaking about Aperture here) has released their rival to the program, Lightroom. From first looks, it seems to be incredibly similar to Aperture, and the system requirements aren’t too bad either. You’d even be able to run it on a Powerbook G4! Currently the public beta is well… publically available at Adobe’s website, which I shall be trying out soon. Reading some quick comparisons, it seems that this new piece of software isn’t bad at all, maybe even a worthy competitor to Aperture (in its currently unchallenged market). Completely written in Cocoa, which is nice and fast, and written up from the ground, so no old bit of apps in there. Some minor quiffles that I have heard of include no CoreImage support, so it won’t be taking advantage of the powerful features of CoreImage that Aperture natively has, it also has no amazingly groundbreaking (using that word very loosely here) features, such as Aperture’s lightbox… Also, you may like to know that this is an Apple only program at the moment, and this clearly shows where the market is for proper photographic software… not with Windows.

I’ll be checking it out soon, so will try and keep all posted.

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