Hello all

Have been relatively busy at the moment with my birthday and such…

Got some nice Pentax lenses for my EOS 350d. You’re thinking EOS 350d, that’s Canon and Pentax lenses how do they work… well its called an adaptor, from M42 (old Pentax/Practika) to EF mount. It effectively allows me to use older lenses, which is really great. No autofocus though.

Apple has launched a new campaign aimed at PC owners trying to get them to see the light and switch to Mac. The ads that they have produced are pretty good, whilist being very witty at the same time… Have a look here:- www.apple.com/getamac

Hopefully I should be doing an in depth review of my camera, as I have actually some time to use it in different situations and kinda know how to use it… Also found a nice photography site at www.dpchallenge.com, its really worth checking out aas it has some really immense pics.

Stadium Arcadium, the new Chili Peppers album is out in under a week!!!!! Pre-order it now as it will be damn sweet. And on a sadder note, Radiohead will not be releasing an album this year 🙁 Just have to wait until 2007!

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