Damn, that’s a big screen

Wow, just waiting for the event on Tuesday was not good enough for Apple, so they just had to get some nice new iMacs off their chest. Including the amazing 24″ iMac Core 2 Duo. Wow, 24″, thats huge!

Now I’m just left with my 17″ Core Duo iMac, which is an amazing machine, and some of those quotes saying that the Core 2 Duo is 50% faster are probably fairly rubbish seeing as they’re using bizarre floatin point inteer calculations that not even I understand. There is now an ultra cheap iMac at only £679 which is pretty damn good if you’re on one of those things they call a budget, but at least my iMac has a proper graphics card!!! no one of those Intel GMA 950 pathetic excuse for a grahics card… o well, I don’t have the money anyway and I can still wait for a nice new iPod on Tuesday.

Also, isn’t this a Wednesday today? Don’t new (Apple) products get released on a Tuesday normally? How odd…

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