A Quick Trip Away

Went for a long weekend holiday/school trip to Geneva (in Switzerland for those who don’t know where it is) to see the partical accelerator at CERN (Centre European Research Nuclear). Gave me a great chance to really try out my EOS 350D, see what it can do and realise why it was worth the £500 that was spent on it. Verdict:- absolutely immense, the pictures are incredibly sharp at 8MP and the speed at which it can take them is astounding. Using a regular digital camera and waiting for the (slow) electronic autofocus and other things to kick in to make the picture you take look reasonable is pretty much unbearble now as the EOS manages to do it in no time at all and produce better pictures as a result! The weather was also damn nice there at this time of year, comparable to Summer in Scotland, so there was better light which resulted in better pics, so have a look at some of them below…
IMG_0293 IMG_0222 IMG_0092 IMG_0029 IMG_0026
Bear in mind though that these photos are small not as a result of poor photography but to make it easier for folks with not so good connections to see them. Enjoy…

Still waiting for Aperture 1.1 to be released so I can get it for the Intel iMac, Apple have 4 days and 30 mins in which to release it. May even be released in early April with this (supposed) 30th anniversary event.

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