Apple-Intel Rumours

Ever since Steve Job’s announcement that Apple will eventually be switching to Intel (he personally wanted to in 2000), there have been many speculations as to when the first model will come out. Some rumours are citing that there may be a release of a Intel powered iBook (possibly a 13.3″ widescreen model) at the Macworld in January.

At roughly the same time as the Macworld Expo in January, Intel will be releasing their Yonah processor:-

Intel’s Yonah is a dual-core chip based on the 65nm fabrication process. Yonah will also mark the first launch with Intel’s new strategy in place – performance per watt.

Now wasn’t that Apple’s reason for switching to Intel…performance per watt. I sense a correlation here, Apple and Intel have the same processor goals, this Yonah processor may be the first one used in a Mac!

All we can do is wait…

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