Cold brew coffee

After visiting Bluebottle Coffee in SF, trying out their cold brew awesomeness and subsequently seeing this whole cold brew thing blowing up across the California coast I had to give it a go. The big coffee drippers at bluebottle are these amazing steampunk-esque brass looking behemoths. They drop cold (presumably filtered) water over loosely packed […]

Sansho/Szechuan Pepper

So this is maybe a little bit of a different sort of subject to what I usually go for, but it’s something that’s interested me, and I always felt that it’s totally un/under-appreciated in British society. Since being in Japan a year or so ago, I’ve come to appreciate these different sorts of spices and […]

My Kind of Cookbook

I’ve recently started reading McGee’s classic — On Food and Cooking. It had been recommended many times both by my father, and amazon recommendations (not that I really take them all that seriously). It’s fantastic. I love it. Being a bit of an intrepid scientist at heart, I like cookbooks/guidebooks/&c. that don’t tell you the […]

Fall Ramen Adventures

So as a little update to my previous post on exploring Japan’s fine cuisine through little ramen joints, I managed to check a few more ‘best of the best’ places off of the list. Also as a sidenote, I feel that 80% of recent posts have been about Japanese food. That’s not a bad thing. […]

Dreams of Sushi

Last night I watched the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi (link to rotten tomatoes) all about the 86 year old Michelin 3 star chef behind the restaurant Sukiyabashi Jiro. It’s a great little documentary exploring his life, the unfathomable passion and quest for perfection that he has with his work. Wonderfully well shot too, I […]

Ramen Exploration

So one of the things that I missed while I was away from Japan was ramen. Last time I was here I remember going into this small little place in Harajuku, guessing what looked good from the vending machine menu and the pictures on the wall, and ordering it. What I got was a fantastic […]