Reflective Tote bag Project

I’ve made a couple tote bags before. They’re easy to make (with very few 3D parts) and surprisingly useful these days when the bulk of your outside trips that require a bag are only to the grocery store. I’d spied some neat reflective fabric last time I was shopping on extremtextil (my current go to […]

Livesurface is awesome

So I snagged a beta key to the new Livesurface Context layered image library, and I’ve been playing around with it (and Illustrator) all morning. First impressions: just so awesome. I love it. It’s rapid prototyping, taken to a whole new level and applied to a whole new space and dimension (literally in the case […]

Launching Bowtiful Ties

So I returned from Japan around 3 weeks ago, and while getting over the jet lag and general cultural differences, I was involved in a new exciting project of my own. I was preparing for the launch of Bowtiful Ties – a little bow tie startup that I had been toying around with and developing […]

Smart Tools

Having spent my final year at Cambridge University engrossed in my masters project, I figured I should do a little write up on here just in case anyone’s interested in the research and development that I was involved in. The main source of information can be found here, this includes an overall synopsis of the […]

Little Similarities

Walking though Dorchester today, I came across one of the 2010 Oakley print ads in the “Rebels” campaign, all done by a team at (hadn’t heard of them before – but it transpires that they seem rather cool, judging by their website that is…). One of the prints in this ad lineup looks a […]


I came across Wood&Faulk through the Made by Hand store (which is awesome – I suggest checking it out!) and I love everything they do/he does. Especially the journal section of the site. I really quite admire the detail and depth that goes into the little projects (especially in the documentation of them!) and it […]


Recently, I’ve been noticing and really appreciating these little micro documentaries that are being put out to promote products, processes or even little coffee shops. They’re not that new in a lot of cases, but I think they’re an absolutely fantastic way of showcasing what you love to do and presenting it in a wonderful […]