About me

My name is Moses Hoyt. I’ve recently graduated from Pembroke College, Cambridge with a MEng and BA in Information and Computer Engineering. My Masters project centred around the integration of robotics into architecture/construction. I designed and built a robotic unit to enable the real time synchronous co-location of objects in CAD and the real world, providing feedback to the user, with the eventual aim of finding a more efficient and ‘smart’ way of constructing timbrel vaulted arches. I had a great time.

Otherwise I do a whole bunch of photography (mainly digital, though I rave about the intricacies of film from time to time) through Moses Hoyt Photography, run a small concept artisan bow tie company – Bowtiful Ties, and enjoy reading wonderful American magazines – The New Yorker, Inc., The Atlantic and Fast Company are my current favourites. British journalism doesn’t quite cut it. Branding, advertising and cool hand made stuff also feature highly in the topics I write about. Occasionally I even tweet through Just Turtle Design – a little design company I founded.

In ten years I see myself running a little company of my own which embodies equal parts creativity, photography, engineering ingenuity and awesomeness. Watch this space.

I love to talk. Get in touch at mohoyt at gmail dot com

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