Monthly Archives: September 2011

Food in Japan

And so after my previous article on food, I feel like I should write another on a similar topic. A different country however. I love Japanese food. So much so that I even get terrible Sushi here just for comfort. I don’t go out of my way to eat terrible such, it’s just that most places here aren’t exactly amazing (though I did find a reasonable one in London recently, Yoshino). What I actually miss loads is Ramen. Warm huge bowls of noodle based awesomeness. Before I went to Japan, I read this fantastic article in the Times about the Ramen culture and the people who endeavour to visit mad amounts of Ramen joints. Read more →

One Year Back/One Year On…

It seems weird that a year ago I was on the West Coast of Canada having a great time exploring, eating, photographing and just taking in the culture. I miss it. My summer this year has been the same pretty much as last year. I’ve stayed in Cambridge, worked with Pembroke’s fantastic International Programmes, though this year as a General Co√∂rdinator as opposed to last year as a Programme Assistant (PA), but then this year I will finish much later and not really have the chance to explore and get away as I did last year. It’s a shame slightly. While I did get away to France for a week at the start of the Summer, it’s not quite the same. I miss the opportunity to explore a new place on so many different levels. Especially the food. Maybe it’s because I’ve been in the UK for too long, but the food here is boring. Nothing is that good, nothing is especially special, and it feels like 80% of all restaurants here are Italian. Read more →